Mind Mapping and Intranet Business Goals

I love using mind maps to help me organise findings and notes taken during interviews and workshops.

Lots of interviews and workshops

For the last month or so, I've been conducting interviews and workshops to help identify future business goals for the intranet I'm working with at the moment.
I've talked to about 70 people from various areas of the business. And I've taken a bunch of notes. I mean, reams and reams of notes.

Mind maps

So I decided to consolidate my notes into a set of mind maps. For each workshop I conducted, I created a mind map to summarise my notes. I organised the mind map by theme or topic, for example, "collaboration" or "increase awareness of organisation's activities".

My mind maps

Below are some scans of my mind maps. I used a pink marker to highlight the topic and themes, and a green marker to highlight specific examples. These specific examples were really great to help me illustrate the intranet business goals that I wrote.

Mind map #1

Mind map #2
Mind map #3

I ended up with about 10 mind maps. From these, I looked for common themes and similarities between them. Then I was able to start writing the business goals. I highly recommend this process when you need to analyse, consolidate or summarise masses of information. It worked really, really well for me and it's a process that I'll go through from now on.

Next week, I’ll post a blog with some hints and tips for writing good intranet business goals. So keep an eye for that.

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