Persona Template (Microsoft Word version)

This persona template is in a narrative style (I also have another persona template that is more succinct). This persona template is great when you want the persona to read like a story.

Here's a preview of the template:

You can download this template for free. Yay! All I ask is that you Pay With a Tweet:

If you download the template, let me know what you think. I would love to know what you use it for or how you intend to use it. Please leave a comment's quick and easy - your comment will appear immediately and there is no capture image thingy to annoy you.

Big thanks to @brucemorrison, @gnuchris and @noonycool who helped me out today via Twitter when I was trying to work out the best way to share this MS Word file online. Thanks guys :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Suze, I modified your template a bit to include User Goals and Service Objectives. The persona will be used to focus my development team team in building a service for Home Automation system. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

could not get download /tweet to work.