Persona Template (based on Adaptive Path's version...but prettier)

This persona template is succinct and straight forward. It's useful when you need a template that's quick and easy to read (I have another persona template that's in a narative style).

Here's a preview of the template:

You can download this template for free. Yay! All I ask is that you Pay With a Tweet:

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If you download the template, let me know what you think. I would love to know what you use it for or how you intend to use it. Please leave a comment's quick and easy - there is no capture image thingy to annoy you. Your comment will appear immediately.

Thanks Adaptive Path
I've used Adaptive Path's persona chart as the foundation for this template. Their template is great: it's simple, concise and easy to read. But it's not very pretty.


Kirsten Hall said...

Hi Suze, I'm checking out this template for a large intranet redesign project I have coming up.

There will be many internal stake-holders, so an attractive and visual snapshot will be great thing to have for each of our personas.

I think that some of the info dimensions would need to be adapted for an audience of employees, but it could be a good start.


Kirsten Hall

Suze Ingram said...

Thanks Kirsten, I'm glad you found the template helpful. Suze :)

Rob Weare said...

Hi Suze.....remember me from this afternoon?

I really like this template too...I have been asked to provide a bit more information on myself to conferences organisers (Ark in this particular instance)...and I am always a little stuck and this template would be great for me to just complete and send back to them!

Thanks and great meeting you.


Jesse said...

Hey Suze, I'm a student in upstate New York and i checked out this template for a project I'm working on for my Foundations of Human Computer Interaction design class. We're developing some user personas for a variety of projects and your template was a great help to me.

I changed the picture and all of the info but having the layout made creating my new persona a breeze.

Thank you!


web wanderings said...

Hi Suze

I'm always after new templates, often for each job, to see what each person has added to these thoughts.
Thanks for your template and once I created a few personas, I'll let you know what I think.

Anonymous said...

One of the difficulties with the "pay with a tweet" system is that you tweet before really looking at what you're getting. While I can see the template might help some people, as someone who has worked extensively with Alan Cooper's original concepts, I don't find this really useful.

Having "tweeted" to obtain the download, what do I do now? Post a number of negative tweets about it?

All this needs a lot more thinking out, really.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suze,

I like your template. I'm wondering how you get this information? I mean you did a survey where you ask questions, and after that you create that persona?
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suze,

I wanted to thank you for sharing this template!
I am planing to use it in lecture on mobile user interface design, in section explaining personas idea.

Cheers from Poland,