This is what user experience consulting looks like

I need a nice, simple little way to explain user experience consulting. I want something snappy to say when curious people ask “What do you do?” followed by “What is user experience consulting?

User experience consulting can be defined in so many different ways. To help explain user experience consulting I looked at a bunch of other companies to see how they explain what they do. Then I threw all those explanations in Wordle to see what came up.

And this is it. This is what user experience consulting looks like. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s so interesting to visualize the definition of user experience consulting. It’s no surprise to see “experience”, “user”, “design” and “usability” in there. I’m really pleased to see “help” up loud and proud in the word map. But I’m totally surprised that “strategy” isn’t prominent. Where's the strategy!?

How do you explain what you do to polite and curious strangers?

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Stu Collett said...

Great post. I agree that strategy should be more prominent!

Stu Collett
Super User Studio - User Experience Consultancy

Sara said...

The user experience must be asked to the daily users too, not only for the people who is working on their projects, i hope some day i can get a whatsapp download